Local Delivery for $50. Please Call 647-708-3888
Local Delivery for $50. Please Call 647-708-3888

Authentic Bamboo Poles 

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Moso Pole, 

4''D x 10'H

$34 / each

Natural Pole, 2''D x 10'H 

$85 / bundle of 5

Tonkin Pole, 1.5''D x 10'H

$11.00 / each

Dark Brown, 2''D x 10'H 

$28 / each

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Carrying the largest selection of high quality bamboo poles in the GTA, Bamboo Toronto is sure to have bamboo poles suited exactly for your needs. We carry sizes from 1/2''D to 6''D and from 6'L to 12'L. They can be used to accent your garden, cut apart for crafts projects or put together to assemble structures - the possibilities are endless. Bamboo Toronto only stocks the best quality bamboo poles harvested from the forests of southern China. Buy bamboo poles and bamboo stakes from our convenient Toronto location today!

Natural Bamboo Poles

Natural 1''D

1''D x 10' H 

$55 bundle of 10

$225 bundle of 50

$380 bundle of 100

Natural 2''D

2''D x 10'H 

$85 / bundle of 5

Natural 3''D

3''D x 10'H

$24 / each


Dark Brown Bamboo Poles

Dark Brown 1''D

1''D x 10'H

$100 / bundle of 10

Dark Brown 1.5''

1.5''D x 10'H

$19 / each

Dark Brown 2''D

2''D x 10'H

$28 / each

Tonkin Bamboo Poles

Tonkin 1''D

1''D x 6'H

$ 100 / bundle of 50

$150 / bundle of 100

Tonkin 1''D

1''D x 8'H/10'H

$40/$55 for bundle of 10

Tonkin 1.5-2''D

1.5-2''D x 10'H


Buy huge selection of bamboo poles from our Toronto location. High quality bamboo poles harvested from organic bamboo farms in Southern China. Sizes from 1/2''D to 6''D, and 6'H to 10'H. 


1145 Bellamy Road North, Unit 9, Toronto, Ontario M1H 1H5

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