Tel: (647) 708-3888 | Online store is open 7/24 at BAMBOOTORONTO.CA now!!!
Tel: (647) 708-3888 | Online store is open 7/24 at BAMBOOTORONTO.CA now!!!

Reed, Willow, and Fern Fencing

Reed, willow and fern fencing comes in flexible rolls that you can easily unroll and install yourself. Screen off areas for privacy, install in a frame to replace traditional fencing, or lay on top of chain link fence - the possibilities are endless. One of the most popular applications of these fences are as chain link privacy screens.

Reed Fence

6'H x 15'L

$59.90 for one

$110.00 for two

$250.00 for five 

Willow Fence

$119.90 $132.20 - 6'H x 13'W



Fern Fence

$69.90 - 6'H x 10'W Brown

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