Tel: (647) 708-3888 | Father's day special: $139 1"Dx6'Hx8'L Natural Bamboo Fencing
Tel: (647) 708-3888 | Father's day special: $139 1"Dx6'Hx8'L Natural Bamboo Fencing

Reed, Willow, and Fern Fencing

Reed, willow and fern fencing comes in flexible rolls that you can easily unroll and install yourself. Screen off areas for privacy, install in a frame to replace traditional fencing, or lay on top of chain link fence - the possibilities are endless. One of the most popular applications of these fences are as chain link privacy screens.

Reed Fence

6'H x 15'L

$59.90 $65.90 for one

$49.90 for two or more 

Willow Fence

$99.90 $132.20 - 6'H x 13'W



Fern Fence

$69.90 - 6'H x 10'W Brown

$74.90 - 6'H x 10'W White

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