Local Delivery for $60. Please Call 647-708-3888
Local Delivery for $60. Please Call 647-708-3888

Dark Brown Bamboo Fence

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Thatch Roofing Roll

Bamboo is an ecofriendly alternative to traditional fencing. Easy installation and can overlay chain link.

Bamboo fencing rolls offer durable, easy ways to provide privacy and aesthetics to your garden or home. Screen off unsightly areas or install them as privacy fence panels. Bamboo is one of the world's most renewable, durable materials and our fencing has a 10 year lifespan. You can easily install these flexible fencing rolls with zipties - no contractors required! One of the most popular applications is to cover existing chain link fencing. Simply unroll the panels, lay them over your chain link, and secure them with zip ties to transform ugly chain link fencing into beautiful bamboo walls. 

We deliver across Canada! Contact us for a quote. (416) 707-8728

Bamboo Toronto prides itself in stocking only the highest quality bamboo products, imported directly from China. Shop bamboo fencing, bamboo poles, thatch roofing, tiki umbrellas, and bamboo matting at our Toronto location. The bamboo in our fencing and poles is harvested from the mountainous forests of Southern China and processed there for maximum strength and durability. Customers from all over Ontario, and even Quebec, have thoroughly enjoyed our bamboo fencing, poles, and tropical landscaping products for over 9 years. 


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