Local Delivery for $60. Please Call 647-708-3888
Local Delivery for $60. Please Call 647-708-3888

Tiki Thatch Umbrellas

Thatch Umbrella

Buy tiki thatch umbrellas for your patios, tiki bars, or for tropical backyard decoration. Fits in any standard umbrella stand. 

Give your backyard a tropical touch with our Thatch Umbrellas (7'D or 9'D) for your outdoor patio table. Our asian thatch umbrellas are hand woven with palm fronds and fit into any standard umbrella base. They offer excellent coverage against the sun and are a great way to cool off in the summer. It is up to 10 degrees cooler under a thatched umbrella because it allows warm air to escape while a canvas umbrella will hold the heat in. Our umbrellas last 3 - 5 years in Canadian weather.

Tropical Thatch Umbrella 7'D

Tropical thatch umbrella handwoven from palm leaves in 7'D size. Will fit in any umbrella stand.

Tropical Thatch Umbrella 7'D Table Chair Set

Tropical thatch umbrella handwoven from palm leaves in 7'D size comes with a 5'D table and 6 chairs.

Buy thatch umbrellas from our Toronto location. Thatch adds a tropical feel to any backyard deck and the palm leaves allow air circulation to keep your deck up to 10 degrees cooler. 


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