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Local Delivery for $60. Please Call 647-708-3888

Reed Fencing, 6'H x 15'L 

Reed Fence 


Buy reed fencing panels from our Toronto, Ontario location. Use as backyard privacy screens or to cover chain link fence. 


  • Reed Fence
  • Reed Sukkah Roof Panel

Reed fencing is a light, simple way to offer privacy and screen off sections on your property. They can be used to cover walls and outdoor structures or set up on their own to provide privacy and screen off unsightly areas. Easily overlay reed fence on top of chain link fence for an instant visual upgrade and more privacy. Made from lightweight natural reed and woven together with vinyl coated wire to ensure long lasting durability and quality. You can expect these reed fences to last between 3-5 years in the Canadian climate. Reed fencing has a naturally occuring coat of wax that repels moisture and prevents the poles from deteriorating. 

Reed Fencing, 6'H x 15'L


Reed Fencing Panel, 6'H x 15'L. Lightweed fencing made from natural reed. A great tropical addition to any backyard or home.

Buy reed fence panels and reed fencing from our convenient Toronto location. Easily covers chain link fence and can provide great privacy and coverage against neighbours. Section off unsightly areas with beautiful, lightweight reed fences. 


1145 Bellamy Road North, Unit 9, Toronto, Ontario M1H 1H5

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