Local Delivery for $60. Please Call 647-708-3888
Local Delivery for $60. Please Call 647-708-3888

FAQ Bamboo Fencing

1. What sizes of bamboo fencing do you carry?

Our standard size is 1''D x 6'H x 8'L, but we also carry a taller version in 8'H. For thinner poles, we carry Natural 1/2''D Fencing and Reed Fencing. If you would like a different height, you can cut some length off the poles with a saw. We also provide cutting services for an additional fee.


2. How do you install bamboo fencing?

This depends on what kind of project you are working on, but overall it is very easy because bamboo fencing comes in flexible rolls. Always install the fencing with the capped end towards the sky to prevent rain from dripping into the poles. 


On top of existing chain link: Lay bamboo fencing on top of existing chain link and use zip ties to secure in place. 


On its own, no existing supports: Construct your own wood frame and place the bamboo fencing within the frame. Bamboo fencing can be drilled into wood. 


Other: Secure bamboo fencing onto any wall, structure, or frame with zipties or by drilling through with nails onto wood. Bamboo fences are very durable and flexible so you can get creative!


3. Do you deliver?

Yes, we offer affordable delivery rates for Ontario and Quebec. Please contact us at (647) 708-3888 or info@bambootoronto.com


4. How do I maintain bamboo fencing?

Before installing, thoroughly clean and scrub the fencing and then apply a layer of Australian Timber Oil or other outdoor wood preservative to preserve the fencing's colour and texture.  Regularly sweep away foliage and debris and reapply a coat of wood preservative every year for maximum longevity. 


5. How long does bamboo fencing last?

If properly maintained, bamboo fences are very durable and will last over 10 years in the Canadian climate. 


6. Will my bamboo fence age? Can it be restored?

Like other outdoor wood products, bamboo fencing will naturally experience some discoloration and cracking. However, the colour of bamboo can easily be restored through wood staining. In fact, after a stain the colour may even look better than brand new! Please note our mahogany fencing is dyed, so its colour will fade quicker than our other fences. 


7. What is the return policy?

We do not offer refunds to any of our products, only exchange. Bring back your purchase within 15 days to receive full store credit. 


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